Tuesday, June 15, 2010

good question.

"Do you consider yourself only a fiber artist, or do you work in multi media application, and/or draw techniques from other fields to use in the one you're working in? "

i've been on a long path of creative exploration stemmed by an uncontrollable urge to express myself. am i just a fiber artist? by no means. i started writing when i was 13, prose, short stories and poems, and drawing images to go along.. then around 14 my mom gave me my first camera, which led me on a 13+ year journey of the still image. i've dallied in design, in video, in carving, in sculpture... but if i were to actually pick the 2 things i stick to the most, it's definitely photography and fiber crafting.


please don't pay attention to the pressure of being who you are. words come out differently when they're written down in ink. they come out in giggles when they are spoken. to love - be in love - one love all. to feel it moving through you. pulsing through you. it's the archetype she wrote about so many years ago. it's stopping, it's starting, it's pushing it a little bit further every chance that arrives. it's over exposure. it's learning to use the tools as instruments with out assistance of artificial motives, moments, memories. it's being you. really being you and giving it selflessly. sharing it. accepting that the bad really isn't so bad and there's always room for improvement. it's the lump in your throat when you speak harshly to someone, when you think negative thoughts that keep you from sleeping, that reveals the heart inside pumping striving to rise above this roof brain clutter, this nonsense, this bondage lovingly called confusion and the comfort left-brain finds in focusing on the problem_ not the solution. after all who are we? who are you? what drives you, motivates you, stimulates your growth as a person in love with life, humility and truth? silent no more. these unanswered questions will not be accepted any longer. the volcano is erupting. there's no way of stopping it now. smash your mirrors, it's time to come clean.

(a poem/prose piece i wrote in 2003)